Vascular Services

Vascular Services

Minimally invasive interventions by leading vascular specialists

The Vascular Department at CMH performs specialized tests to view, diagnose and treat abnormalities in blood vessels caused by Peripheral Vascular Disease (PAD). PAD a build-up of cholesterol and fat in their arteries that restrict blood flow. While this can have serious consequences to your health, it can be treated with lifestyle changes, medication, and if necessary, surgery.

CMH is proud to offer procedures performed by The Albany Vascular Group, one of the nation’s leading vascular organizations, right here in our community. We have the advanced technology and cutting-edge vascular suites that match the amenities of regional hospitals to bring the same quality of care to our local patients.

Here’s what The Albany Vascular Group says about CMH:

“There’s no need to travel long distances for procedures related to peripheral vascular disease. The staff at Columbia Memorial Hospital’s Vascular Unit is highly trained and the suite is state of the art.”

Interventions performed in the Vascular Suite include:

  • Stents: Small mesh tubes that are used to strengthen or widen arteries, also known as a coronary angioplasty.
  • Dialysis catheter: A procedure to take over the tasks of your kidney, including removal of waste and maintenance of blood pressure and chemicals.
  • IV access line: An easy-access port to deliver medications and draw blood for an extended period of time.

Interventional Radiology

Our vascular group performs minimally invasive surgery through guidance from medical imaging called interventional radiology. Different medical imaging, such as CT, MRI and ultrasounds, are used to see the inside of the patient’s body, instead of making large incisions like in traditional surgery. Our radiologists use needles and catheters to make the smallest incisions possible, reduce recovery time and shorten your hospital stay.

The Interventional Radiology department performs procedures that treat the liver, kidneys and stomach through the insertion of stents, ports and feeding tubes. We also perform the insertion of intravenous access lines used for long term antibiotic therapy. All procedures are performed by Board-Certified Radiologists with subspecialty training in this area.

Vascular services are offered at this location:


The Vascular Group, PLLC

Paul B. Kreienberg, MD
Suite 190
Medical Office Building