Feeling under the weather? Columbia Memorial Health now provides an online symptom checker to find out what the cause is and advise the best course of action.

Immediate Healthcare Guidance

Whether you have a headache, a skin rash, or you think you have COVID-19, CMH Symptom Checker provides healthcare guidance at the first onset of your symptoms.

CMH Symptom Checker is free and easy-to-use. Simply:

  1. State your symptoms in your own words
  2. Answer a few simple questions
  3. Get a recommendation about the next step in your healthcare journey

CMH Symptom Checker was developed by Columbia Memorial Health to help members of the Hudson Valley community, particularly in Columbia and Greene counties, narrow their search in the medical information journey. It leverages scientifically validated artificial intelligence developed by health professionals and is based on clinical knowledge from leading medical sources.

You can choose from a variety of factors that could be related to your symptoms to help you narrow down a potential medical condition but keep in mind that it is not a diagnostic tool; it does not take into consideration your personal health or other factors which would point to a definitive medical cause. The most reliable way to determine the cause of your symptoms is to visit a healthcare provider.

Based on your answers, CMH Symptom Checker simplifies the process for you by pointing you to the appropriate department at CMH where you can schedule your appointment.