The Department of Social Work Services through a well-defined plan, promotes
continuity of care, cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction and will assist
the patient to adjust to the changes brought on by illness and to choose among
the variety of services available to meet post-hospital needs.

Social Work is an integral part of the hospital’s provision of care directed
toward the patient’s social and emotional as well as physical needs. Social
Work recognizes the relationship of psycho-social factors to illness as having
influence on the patient’s recovery. Through direct service to patients and
family, through collaboration and consultation with physicians and the
patient’s own resources in treatment of an illness. In addition, Social Work
Services are provided to facilitate continuity of care and treatment during
admission, discharge and post discharge.

Social Work Services are available to all hospital patients and their families.
Services are available to address the needs of patients ranging from newborn
to the geriatric patient. Social Work Services are also available to those
patient/families utilizing the facility on an out patient basis (including
Emergency Department and primary care sites) with identified needs and requests
for service in this area.

Education: Bachelors Degree in Social Work or related field

License/Certifications: New York State Screen Certification

Experience: Previous Social Work Experience in a Health Related setting

Columbia Memorial Health is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.