You Saved Santa Claus

Who will you save next?

Santa Claus will be back in Copake this December.

But, without your support, that wouldn’t have happened.

Longtime Copake resident Chris Quinby, 66, has played the role of Santa Claus in the annual Copake parade for about 15 years. His white hair, beard, and friendly nature make him perfect for the role, and hundreds of kids and young adults know him as Santa.

But that all nearly changed in April.

At about 10 p.m. on the evening of April 4th, Chris collapsed just before bed. He’d had a major heart attack. His daughter Stephanie called 911 and began giving CPR immediately. Her dad’s life was literally hanging by a thread.

The Copake Rescue Squad quickly got Chris to Columbia Memorial’s Emergency Department where doctors rushed to save his life. An injection helped temporarily restore a faint but regular heartbeat and gave Chris time to be flown to Albany Med where he underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

“I am way beyond lucky. It couldn’t have been scripted any better. If we were anywhere else, I wouldn’t be here,” Chris said.

And today, thanks to you and the lifesaving care your gifts make possible, Chris is back to playing the organ and leading services at a few churches, and is looking forward to the holiday season.

“I can do Santa this year. I want to,” continued Chris. “If I can get on a sleigh, be in a parade, and the kids come up to me and they believe, then I have done my job.”

You’re one of the heroes in Chris’ story. Without you, the lifesaving care that Chris received at CMH wouldn’t have been possible. Couldn’t have been possible. You helped save his life.

And thanks to you Copake will enjoy their very special Santa again this year.

There are so many people just like Chris who wake up to a new day thanks to you.

You’ve changed many, many lives since you made your last gift. And there are many more people who will need you in the future.

The one gift that has the power to help everyone in our community is your lifesaving gift to CMH.

I hope I can count on your continued generosity. Because people like Chris are counting on you.

With sincerest gratitude for all you do for CMH, and very best wishes for the holiday season ahead,

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