Center for Surgical Excellence

Inpatient, outpatient and emergency surgery

At CMH, we’ve built a center for surgical excellence staffed with highly trained surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses. We are committed to serving the community as a resource for general and specialized surgical care. Our physicians and surgeons bring safe, high quality, comprehensive surgical options to theHudson Valley.

Surgical Services at CMH:

  • General surgical procedures: Appendectomy, hernia, vasectomy, skin grafting, intestinal obstruction, gallbladder
  • Gynecological: Hysterectomy, removal of ovarian cysts, tumors, fibroids and scar tissue, dilation & curettage (D&C)
  • Obstetrics: Caesarian section, cervical cerclage
  • Ophthalmology: Cataracts, glaucoma, lid repair, orbital
  • Podiatry: Fusions, tendons, metatarsal, bunions, hammer toe, reconstructive
  • Urological: Kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular, urethra
  • Vascular: Blood clots, varicose veins, aneurysm
  • Orthopedic: Joint replacement, reconstruction, spinal fusion, bone grafting

Emergency surgery

Our surgeons and anesthesiologists are always prepared for emergency surgery. Our department of anesthesia is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the emergent needs of our patients. CMH offers state of the art surgical suites and a modern emergency department with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re a resident of the area or visiting for the summer, you can rest easy knowing that a life-saving, highly trained surgical team is right around the corner.

Minimally invasive surgery

We specialize in minimally invasive surgery that uses smaller incisions for a speedier, less painful recovery. Through the use of cameras and specialized surgical equipment, surgeons are able to make incisions about a half-inch long, resulting in minimal blood loss and scarring. Minimally invasive options help you feel better and get back to your work, hobbies and family much faster.

Transfusion free medicine and surgery

Our transfusion free surgery approach minimizes blood loss before, during and after surgery. It protects our patients by minimizing the risk of infection, allergic reaction, and rejection from an improper match. Transfusion free surgery is performed in less than 130 hospitals nationwide and we are proud to offer this advanced medicine to our community.

Comfortable waiting area

We offer a spacious waiting area with sweeping views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains for your family and friends. For your convenience, we offer wireless internet and have pagers on hand for visitors who need to leave the waiting room, but wish to be reachable by nurses and staff. For questions or to schedule a tour, please call 518.828.8017.