Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Keeping your body in motion

Columbia Memorial Bone & Joint Center specializes in caring for all of your sports medicine needs. We want you to live the active lifestyle you desire and we make it our mission to allow you to do so. Whether you are a high school athlete, an industrial athlete, a weekend warrior or compete professionally, Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to help you achieve your goals. Our sports medicine team is made up of primary sports medicine specialists, sports medicine-trained orthopaedic surgeons, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists, as well as certified strength and conditioning coaches. Together we collaborate to ensure you receive the top quality care you deserve.

We Want to Be Your Team Physician

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine is currently reaching out to the community and offering its sports health expertise for your team. We can provide your schools sports programs with top quality sports physicians and athletic trainers. Benefits of this proven model include improved safety for your athletes, improved healthcare access, and quicker return to play. Get the competitive edge you desire and choose Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine for your teams healthcare needs.

Medical Coverage for Your Next Sporting Event

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine has the experience and knowledge to provide expert medical coverage for your next event. Whether it is a 1,000 person marathon, a 100 mile road race or training for the local 5k, we can provide the medical planning and staffing to make it safe and successful.

Expert Concussion Care for Your Most Valuable Resource

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine not only cares for your musculoskeletal needs, we also are trained in the latest diagnostic and treatment tools for concussions. Concussion diagnosis and treatment are evolving every day and sports medicine specialists are at the forefront of this change. Take every head injury seriously. Dont let yourself or your loved one succumb to the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury. Let us help ensure the safest and fullest recovery.