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Orthopedic Treatment options to Restore Quality of Life

For people who are used to being independent and active, a painful joint condition or injury can diminish their quality of life. Modern orthopedic surgery has proven highly effective at restoring function for these patients. If you need assistance restoring function to improve the quality of your life, here’s some things you should know about orthopedic surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries take less time to heal, shortening your recovery time and allowing you to get back to living your life to the fullest. Arthroscopic surgeries for an ACL injury, for example, can usually be performed through a few small incisions on the knee, rather than large incisions that cause scarring and have longer recovery times.

Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

Leading-edge knee or hip replacement technologies allow the surgery to be very precise, giving patients a chance to enjoy significantly restored function in those joints.

Shoulder, Hand, Foot and Ankle Injuries

Conditions like carpel tunnel, tendonitis, fractures and arthritis can typically be dealt with using non-operative methods, however they may require assistance from a surgeon. Injuries in the hands and feet require a more delicate and precise form of surgery, such as endoscopic and single incision surgeries, which usually lead to faster recovery times.

Physical Therapy and Recovery

If you’re having any type of orthopedic surgery, your doctor will most likely recommend that you use physical therapy as part of your treatment or recovery process. Physical therapy involves assisted movement and activity, which can help accelerate your recovery time by re-training your muscles and joints to resume regular activity.

Be an educated patient

Your doctor should inform you about the various aspects of your injury, your options for treatment, and work with you to find the best recovery plan. If you feel you’re not getting the facts, or feel as though you’re not an active decision maker in your health, it’s okay to ask for a referral for a second opinion.

Columbia Memorial Health has many skilled orthopedic surgeons and physicians who work with their patients as partners in personalized treatments and speedy recoveries. If you think you’re a candidate for orthopedic services, learn about your options from the CMH Bone & Joint Center, or find an orthopedic doctor using our Find-A-Doc tool.

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