Minimal Wait ED

Providing faster emergency treatment in the Emergency Department

Leading technology, expert staff and bedside registration reduce your wait

At CMH, it is our priority to minimize wait time as much as possible in the ED. To accomplish this, we use cutting edge technology, diligent yet thorough staff, and the most efficient practices to get you answers about your health as quickly as possible. One such practice is Bedside Registration, which enables us to minimize the amount of time spent in the waiting room and allows us to diagnose and treat patients as rapidly as possible.

Our Department handles all emergency situations. Patients requiring a higher level of care or more specialized treatment at a trauma center, can receive the high-quality care and condition stabilization that they need at Columbia Memorial and then be transported to an appropriate trauma center.

Undergoing a medical emergency can be a traumatic time for patients and their loved ones, which is why we make it our responsibility to make all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible. In the event that our ED experiences a large number of patients at once, or a very sick (high-acuity) patient, our waiting room has comfortable chairs and a separate pediatric waiting room with a television and complimentary WiFi.

At CMH, we take pride in our capacity to serve a large volume of patients in our community efficiently, while our culture allows us to get to know everyone that walks through our doors.