Going to the Hospital

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Going to the Hospital

When it’s time to go to Albany Med

Pregnant women on bed at home, looking like she needs to go to the hospital to deliver her babyAs you are well into your final stages of pregnancy the excitement of seeing your newborn increases each day as you approach your due date. When the time comes your body will give you warning signs when REAL labor begins. When you feel that something is happening, call your CMH Obsterical provider who will advise you when you should go to The Birth Place at Albany Med for your delivery.

Signs that you might be in labor:

  • If you have been having contractions every five minutes for an hour, or if you have been having contractions every ten minutes that are growing more intense, lasting longer and closer together.
  • If you think your water has broken.
  • You have a bloody (brownish or reddish) mucus discharge.
  • Your baby drops or moves lower into your pelvis. This is called lightening. It means that your baby is getting ready to move into position for birth. It can happen a few weeks or even just a few hours before your labor begins.

If you are in labor, your obstetrical provider will advise you to go directly to Albany Med to deliver your baby. Please rest assured that Albany Med will already have your files and birth plan ready for your arrival.

Albany Medical Center – Birth Place Address:
43 Scotland Ave, Albany NY 12208