Kaaterskill Care

Kaaterskill Care

Providing modern, safe and high-quality residential long term care services

For patients who need extra time and attention, we are happy to offer long term care through Kaaterskill Care Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Nestled in the Catskills, Kaaterskill Care is a community-based, 120-bed, not-for-profit healthcare facility. It provides long term care, convalescent care, rehabilitation and sub-acute healthcare. Caring and compassionate staff consistently strive to meet the needs of our patients while providing a safe, secure environment with all the amenities of home.

Not only is our staff caring, but Kaaterskill Care has the finest professional medical and specialty staff available in the Hudson Valley. Our interdisciplinary team works with each resident and his or her family to develop an individualized plan of care. Our goal is to provide each resident with the highest level of autonomy and dignity while meeting their medical, social and spiritual needs.

An innovative culture change model

CMH always tries to bring best practices in medicine to our community. This includes long term care models. Culture change, or deep system change, refers to the transformation of nursing homes from an “acute care” medical model to a “consumer-directed” model. In a consumer-directed model, patients have more of a say in their daily activities. Rather than focusing only on quality of care, driven by regimented schedules, the consumer-directed model focuses equally on quality of life to help residents feel more at home.

Some variables that patients in this culture change model have a say in, are: bathing preferences, recreation and activity choices, dining schedules, consistency of staffing, and flexible sleep schedules. Each of these areas contain common themes of change, such as autonomy in personal choices for the residents, improved communication between residents and staff, a less bureaucratic organizational approach, and more “home-like” environments.

Safety matters

The safety of our residents is our top priority. All staff are required to complete Safety Matters Training, and are taught our Safety Behavior Expectations and Error Prevention tools. Safety Rounds of all units are conducted daily, and Safety Coaches are on duty to assist with concerns,  look for potential safety issues and resolve them immediately.

Recreation & activities

Our staff is dedicated to providing our residents with activities that are enjoyable and enriching. We take the time to get to know each resident as an individual, identifying the interests and hobbies that are most important to him or her. Our community life staff strives to offer a diverse range of entertainment, including arts & crafts, yoga and bingo.

Outside of the center, our residents partake in several trips throughout the year, including a weekly supper club program and fishing trips to Dutchman’s Landing. In addition, we provide a variety of religious services and pastoral care visits to meet the varied spiritual needs of our residents. On any given day, there are numerous activities to entertain and fill our residents’ days. We aim to create a high quality of life for each individual.


Physical Therapy Health Screening Form

Occupational Therapy Health Screening Form

Back Index

Neck Index

Lower Extremity Functional Scale

Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH)

*Medicare/Workers Comp/MPN patient’s please print and fill out the form pertaining to your condition.