Hospitalist Services

Hospitalist Program at CMH

Providing cohesive care and a smooth transition into and out of the hospital

The Hospitalist Program at CMH is designed to optimize and personalize patient care to provide smooth transitions into and out of the hospital. A hospitalist is a physician who assists your doctor when you require admission. He or she is part of your patient-care team and acts as a liaison between your doctor and your team at the hospital.

For example, if you come to the Emergency Department, you will be stabilized by ED medical staff. If an admission is medically necessary, the hospitalist will be called to admit you as an inpatient. He or she will immediately contact your primary care physician regarding your care and any medical information necessary to treat you. The hospitalist will also keep your physician up-to-date on your progress.

Our hospital case manager will work with your physician’s office to plan appropriate follow up, provide needed education and engage community services for you, if necessary. For specialty consultations, we will establish a list of your physician’s preferences in order to maintain the relationships that you have already established with your doctor.

At discharge we will provide your physician with a detailed summary of the hospitalization, as well as all appropriate test results and consultation reports for his or her files. We will make sure that these are in your doctor’s office before you see him or her for follow up visits.

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