Fast Track

Fast Track for non-critical emergencies

Providing you all the benefits of emergency medicine, with a shorter wait

Our Fast Track at Columbia Memorial Hospital is designed to facilitate the care of non-critical emergencies in a convenient yet timely setting. Our goal is to shorten the time patients with minor illnesses or injuries spend in the Emergency Department without compromising quality. You can expect timely, yet professional care in our Fast Track with all of the resources of a full Emergency Department available to you. Our Fast Track is managed by providers trained in emergency medicine and fully supervised by board-certified physicians.

Because the Fast Track is located within the Emergency Department area at CMH, any laboratory services or X-rays required can be easily performed on-site. Additionally, all of our X-ray units strictly conform with the most up-to-date requirements to ensure that you receive the lowest exposure to radiation. Fast Track’s location within the hospital also gives us access to top specialists throughout the Columbia Memorial Network. If further care should need to be given beyond the services provided by Fast Track, CMH can connect you to the best care providers in the region.

Our Fast Track is open Monday-Sunday 12:00pm-10:00pm and is located within the emergency department.