Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies

Stroke and Cardiac Emergency

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If you think you or someone around you is experiencing a stroke or cardiac emergency, please call 911 immediately.

At CMH, we take stroke and cardiac emergencies very seriously, which is why we’ve committed to making informed, pro-active and quick decisions about what kind of treatment is best for each patient. We prioritize the order in which we see patients based on the seriousness of their ailment, and do our best to keep stroke and cardiac emergencies at the top of that list. The caring and friendly culture of our hospital gives us the ability to treat each patient as a neighbor, allowing us to provide the most comfortable and informative care in the mid-Hudson Valley.


Stroke Emergencies

In a stroke emergency, every minute counts. We are proud to be a Designated Stroke Center by the State of New York.

Warning Signs of Stroke


Cardiac Emergencies

The CMH emergency team is trained to respond to all cardiac emergencies and heart attacks. Columbia Memorial Hospital has a state-of-the-approach to  cardiac emergencies, including the use of hypothermia. We are a Designated Hypothermia Center by the state of New York.

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack